Atlanta Falcons Tickets & Burning Question

The 2022 Atlanta Falcons were a 7-10 consistently inconsistent team. The Falcons were 5-6 heading into a Nover 27 game in Washington against the COmmanders, but a six-point loss there started a four of four defeats on the bounce that put them well out of Wild Card contention. At 5-10, the Falcons won their last two games to make the season look better, but this was a wasted year.

That lack of belief trickled into the offseason, which is why tickets to see the Falcons in 2023 are at rock-bottom prices on Immortal Seats. Tickets for the season opener against the division rival Carolina Panthers can be had for just $80, while there are games against teams like the Commanders and even the home finale against the Indianapolis Colts, where seats are less than $50. I advise buying now, as those ticket prices will only go up if the Falcons are better than expected in 2023.

Check out the Atlanta Falcons’ full home schedule at the end of this post.

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Can the Falcons close out more close games?

The Falcons’ biggest issue in 2022 was that they played too many games where the winner was in doubt until the end. Of their 17 games last term, exactly four of them had a winner (in either direction) by more than a single score. The Falcons with 2-2 in those games, meaning that in single-score outcomes, they were an awful 5-8. Four such losses came in the streak that put them out of playoff contention, with the Falcons losing to the Commanders, Ravens, Saints, and Steelers by a combined 20 points.

The offense was the issue in those games and in their losses in general. They scored more than 18 points just twice in their 10 losses, failing to do so after Week 2. While the defense has been retooled, its effort deserved more success last season. It will be up to the offense to improve in 2023, but is Desmond Ritter really the answer under center?

Only time will tell.

2023 Atlanta Falcons Home Games

Sept 10 -Carolina Panthers

Sept 17 – Green Bay Packers

Oct 8 – Houston Texans

Oct 15 – Washington Commanders

Nov 5 – Minnesota Vikings

Nov 26 – New Orleans Saints

Dec 10 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dec 24 – Indianapolis Colts

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