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Buying tickets for sporting events, concerts, and theater productions has never been easier thanks to the Immortal Seats mobile app.

It used to be that buying a ticket to a New England Patriots game or The Lion King on Broadway was a hassle. You would have to wait until the tickets were released, often having to be online at the exact time that tickets dropped if you wanted any shot of seeing your favorite team play or favorite band perform. At the very least, finding the right ticket on the resale market would take hours of research, battling through websites that charged multiple hidden fees to buy a ticket that – if you were honest – you had no idea if it was any good or not until you got to the stadium or arena and found your seat.

Immortal Seats Mobile App

The immortal Seats mobile app changes all that. The app integrates stadium seat maps with a no fee policy that means the price that you see is the price that you pay. There are no admin fees or services fees – fees that have no place in 2022 – waiting to be tacked on just before you add your credit card information. This means that Immortal Seats – unlike its competitors – doesn’t suddenly spike the price of your ticket by 40% just as you have reached peak excitement about the event you are about lock in.

The mobile app also makes ticketing a breeze. The tickets are delivered to your phone safely and securely. A slew of guarantees – guarantees that will pay you 200% of the ticket price if the tickets are not valid for entry – mean you can feel confident using the app that your tickets are genuine, and the fact that the tickets are stored on the app to be scanned (in most cases) means that you don’t have to worry about printing out pieces of paper that can get lost, wet, or otherwise damaged.

The app is easy to use. A through search function makes finding tickets to specific events easy, while location services allow you to find tickets to shows and events in your local area that you might not even have known about. This is perfect for a weekend night for those with no plans and a sense of adventure. Clicking through an event will give you a list of ticket options at different price points, and the secure checkout is another way that the Immortal Seats mobile app will make you feel safe using its functionality.

All in all, we are confident that the Immortal Seats mobile app is the best of its type out there. The app is available on the App Store and through Google Play, so any smartphone user will, and should, check it out for their ticketing needs!

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