Boston Bruins Tickets & Burning Question

The Boston Bruins have started the 2023-24 NHL season on fire. The Bruins are the only team in the Eastern Conference to have won eight games, with their only non-victory of the season being an overtime loss to the Anaheim Ducks (4-3). This team was expected to be better than last year and compete in the playoffs. Even so, the speed out of the gates has been an impressive shock to all but the keenest hockey fans.

Tickets for upcoming games are available through Immortal Seats. We have tickets to November clashes with the Maple Leafs (11/2), Islanders (11/9), and Sharks (11/30), with tickets starting at around $100. Tickets for the other two home games this month against the Canadiens (11/18) and Red Wings (11/24) are more expensive, with the cheapest available seats at over $200.

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Can David Pastrnak have another superstar year?

Pastrnak had 48 goals in the 2019-20 season. That was the only year he had gone above 40 goals in eight years with the Bruins. That all changed last season. Where the winger set a new career high with 61 goals and also a career right with 52 assists, his 113 points last term were way higher than his previous high of 95, so there are questions as to whether this was a career season or the start of a multiple season streak at that level.

Early signs are promising. Pasta has eight goals and five assists after nine games. This puts him on track to better last season’s output, which should be enough to blast the Bruins into the playoffs as a high seed.

2023-24 Bruins Home Games

Nov 2 – Toronto Maple Leafs

Nov 9 – New York Islanders

Nov 18 – Montreal Canadiens

Nov 24 – Detroit Red Wings

Nov 30 – San Jose Sharks

Dec 3 – Columbus Blue Jackets

Dec 7 – Buffalo Sabres

Dec 9 – Arizona Coyotes

Dec 16 – New York Rangers

Dec 19 – Minnesota Wild

Dec 30 – New Jersey Devils

Jan 4 – Pittsburgh Penguins

Jan 6 – Tampa Bay Lighning

Jan 15 – New Jersey Devils

Jan 18 – Colorado Avalanche

Jan 20 – Montreal Canadiens

Jan 22 – Winnipeg Jets

Jan 24 – Carolina Hurricanes

Feb 6 – Calgary Flames

Feb 8 – Vancouver Canucks

Feb 10 – Washington Capitals

Feb 13 – Tampa Bay Lightning

Feb 15 – Seattle Kraken

Feb 17 – Los Angeles Kings

Feb 19 – Dallas Stars

Feb 29 – Vegas Golden Knights

Mar 5 – Edmonton Oilers

Mar 7 – Toronto Maple Leafs

Mar 9 – Pittsburgh Penguins

Mar 11 – St. Louis Blues

Mar 16 – Philadelphia Flyers

Mar 19 – Ottawa Senators

Mar 21 – New York Rangers

Apr 6 – Florida Panthers

Apr 8 – Carolina Hurricanes

Apr 16 – Ottawa Senators

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