Denver Nuggets Tickets & Burning Question

The Denver Nuggets enter the 2023-24 NBA season in uncharted territory. The Nuggets won their first NBA Title last season, defeating the Miami Heat 94-89 in Game Five of the best-of-seven series to claim the crown. The Nuggets won the title in their 47th year in the NBA, and hopes are high that they can repeat this season, with NBA Finals MVP Nicola Jokic expected to have another monster season.

The Nuggets next home game is on Monday, October 30, as they take on the Utah Jazz. Other games to check out before Christmas include a pair of games against the Dallas Mavericks on November 3 and December 18, a matchup with the San Antonio Spurs on November 26, and a matchup on Christmas Day against the Golden State Warriors. Prices for these games vary wildly. The Jazz game has Upper Balcony tickets for less than $20. If you want to spend Christmas with the Nuggets, that will set you back close to $200 for the cheapest seats!

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Can Jokic remain dominant?

Jokic was a monster last season. While he had support from Jamaal Murray (especially in the playoffs) and the now-departed Bruce Brown, Jokic is the current player blessed with the mythical title of ‘best basketball player in the world’. It is easy to see why, too, with Jokic putting up a triple-double in the season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers as he went for 29 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists. If Jokic plays at anything like the level he has for the past few seasons, then the Nuggets will be the team to beat in the playoffs next spring.

2023-24 Nuggets Home Games

Oct 30 – Utah Jazz

Nov 3 – Dallas Mavericks (NBA In-Season Tournament)

Nov 4 – Chicago Bulls

Nov 6 – New Orleans Pelicans

Nov 8 – Golden State Warriors

Nov 14 – Los Angeles Clippers (NBA In-Season Tournament)

Nov 26 – San Antonio Spurs

Nov 29 – Houston Rockets

Dec 14 – Brooklyn Nets

Dec 16 – OKC Thunder

Dec 18 – Dallas Mavericks

Dec 25 – Golden State Warriors

Dec 28 – Memphis Grizzlies

Dec 29 – OKC Thunder

Jan 1 – Charlotte Hornets

Jan 5 – Orlando Magic

Jan 7 – Detroit Pistons

Jan 12 – New Orleans Pelicans

Jan 14 – Indiana Pacers

Jan 27 – Philadelphia 76ers

Jan 29 – Milwaukee Bucks

Feb 2 – Portland Trail Blazers

Feb 4 – Portland Trail Blazers

Feb 14 – Sacramento Kings

Feb 22 – Washington Wizards

Feb 28 – Sacramento Kings

Feb 29 – Miami Heat

Mar 5 – Phoenix Suns

Mar 7 – Boston Celtics

Mar 9 – Utah Jazz

Mar 11 – Toronto Raptors

Mar 21 – New York Knicks

Mar 25 – Memphis Grizzlies

Mar 27 – Phoenix Suns

Mar 29 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Mar 31 – Cleveland Cavaliers

Apr 2 – San Antonio Spurs

Apr 6 – Atlanta Hawks

Apr 10 – Minnesota Timberwolves

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