Kansas City Chief Are Virtually a Playoff Lock.

The Kansa city chief’s remaining schedule sets up in a way that it would be stunning if the chiefs failed to make the playoffs. Most playoff calculators out there-for what they are worth-have the chiefs at 99% to be a playoff team at the end of the 2022 season. This means that a series of results involving other teams that is a near impossibility would have to happen to stop Patrick Mahomes and company from rolling back into the postseason and to stop fans from buying chief tickets to watch at least one playoff Arrowhead Stadium.

NO.1 Seed?

The biggest question now is that play chiefs can once again make the AFC playoff picture roll through Arrowhead stadium. Their 27-24 loss at the hands of Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals means that the chief don’t control their destiny in that regard, as they are tied at 9-3 with the Buffalo Bills for the best record in the conference. Buffalo, however, owns the tiebreaker, with Josh Allen leading his team to victory in Kansas City back in October.

The Chiefs will likely need to win out to get back past Buffalo at this point. Thankfully for Kansas City, their remaining schedule is light. The seattle seahawks, at 7-5, are the only team with a winning record left on the slate, with the other four games being against the Houston Texans, Las Vegas Raiders, and the Denver Broncos(twice). The only foreseeable issue here is that three of those games are within the division, which always makes the game a little more intense and unpredictable.

Ironically the chiefs now need the Bengals to do them a favor. Looking at the Bills remaining schedule, their weeks 17 trip to Cincinnati is the one that looks most likely to trip them up. The Bengals have found the same offensive firepower they rode to a super Bowl last season, so all eyes should be on the contest in Cincinnati.

The Chief Bills, and Bengals are just some of the teams with designs on that No.1seed and the precious bye that comes along with it too. The Maimi Dolphins have been under the radar all season, and they too, have a game with the Bills (albet in Buffalo) where a win would certainly elevate their chances of getting back into the mix.

This is a great time of year to be a fan of a winning football team like the chiefs. Every game on the schedule seems to have some impact on playoff seeding, and while you wouldn’t bet against patrick Mahomes to win anywhere, the home cooking of Kansas City would be the perfect place for another AFC championship game this January.

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