Los Angeles Lakes Tickets & Burning Question

The Los Angeles Lakers have started 1-2 in the 2023-24 NBA season, but this is a team that believes it can win the NBA Title this year. It will be no easy task. The Western Conference is loaded, but the Lakers return everything important from a team that was well in the mix last season. They added pieces that made sense around that framework, including a couple of players with high upside who they expect to break out midseason. If they do, then this is definitely a team that can challenge the Denver Nuggets in the West.

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Can Anthony Davis and LeBron James stay healthy?

This is a weird one because the Lakers aren’t really an old team. LeBron and Davis are the only guys of note who are over 30, but each of them comes into the season with legitimate injury concerns because of their age and the wear and tear of an NBA season. James has played more than 56 games just once since playing in all 82 back in 2017-18, and he will be turning 39 this season. Davis hasn’t played more than 62 games since that same year, though his 56 games in 2022-23 were an improvement over some of his prior efforts.

This is a squad that can have a top-10 offense and make the playoffs. The key for the Lakers will be resting their stars at the right time so that they have some gas left when the playoffs begin.

2023-24 Lakers Home Games

Oct 30 – Orlando Magic

Nov 1 – Los Angeles Clippers

Nov 12 – Portland Trail Blazers

Nov 14 – Memphis Grizzlies (NBA In-Season Tournament)

Nov 15 – Sacramento Kings

Nov 19 – Houston Rockets

Nov 21 – Utah Jazz (NBA In-Season Tournament)

Nov 22 – Dallas Mavericks

Dec 2 – Houston Rockets

Dec 18 – New York Knicks

Dec 25 – Boston Celtics

Dec 28 – Charlotte Hornets

Jan 3 – Miami Heat

Jan 5 – Memphis Grizzlies

Jan 7 – Los Angeles Clippers

Jan 9 – Toronto Raptors

Jan 11 – Phoenix Suns

Jan 15 – OKC Thunder

Jan 17 – Dallas Mavericks

Jan 19 – Brooklyn Nets

Jan 21 – Portland Trail Blazers

Jan 25 – Chicago Bulls

Feb 8 – Denver Nuggets

Feb 9 – New Orleans Pelicans

Feb 13 – Detroit Pistons

Feb 23 – San Antonio Spurs

Feb 29 – Washington Wizards

Mar 2 – Denver Nuggets

Mar 4 – OKC Thunder

Mar 6 – Sacramento Kings

Mar 8 – Milwaukee Bucks

Mar 10 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Mar 16 – Golden State Warriors

Mar 18 – Atlanta Hawks

Mar 22 – Philadelphia 76ers

Mar 24 – Indiana Pacers

Apr 6 – Cleveland Cavaliers

Apr 7 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Apr 9 – Golden State Warriors

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