New Orleans Pelicans Tickets & Burning Question

The New Orleans Pelicans will be looking to improve on a 2022-23 season where they missed the NBA Playoffs after finishing ninth in the Western Conference and losing the playing game to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Pelicans compiled a 42-40 record last season, good enough to finish second in the Southwest Division behind only the Memphis Grizzlies. The Pelicans will be looking to take advantage of the divisional games again this season, with the three Texas teams looking to rebuild after disasters (especially in Houston and San Antonio) last time around.

New Orleans Pelicans tickets are generally very cheap at Immortal Seats. Tickets for most easily season games can be had for $20 to $30, especially for midweek contests. The Pelicans game against the Los Angeles Lakers on New Year’s Eve is the one game that completely bucks this trend. Tickets for this one are selling for $140 for Upper-Level seats, something that shows the enduring popularity of the Lakers brand.

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Can CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram drive the Pelicans to the playoffs?

The Pelicans don’t need an insane leap to make the playoffs. They were right their last season, falling short at the last hurdle in that loss to the Thunder. CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram combined to average over 45 points, just under 10 rebounds, and over 11 assists per game last season, more than enough from two premier players to push a team into the NBA Postseason. It is pretty easy to make the argument that the Pelicans would have found their way to the playoffs last season had Ingrahm not been limited to just 45 games through injury.

The problem is that this has been a trend for Ingram, a player who has played over 62 games just once in his NBA career, and those 79 games came as a rookie when he only started 40 of them. Getting max production for minutes will be massive for the Pelicans, but this feels like a team on an upward trend to start the 2023-24 season.

2023-24 New Orleans Pelicans Home Games

Oct 28 – New York Knicks

Oct 30 – Golden State Warriors

Nov 2- Detroit Pistons

Nov 4 – Atlanta Hawks

Nov 12 – Dallas Mavericks

Nov 14 – Dallas Mavericks (NBA In-Season Tournament)

Nov 17 – Denver Nuggets (NBA In-Season Tournament)

Nov 18 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Nov 20 – Sacramento Kings

Nov 22 – Sacramento Kings

Nov 29 – Philadelphia 76ers

Dec 1 – San Antonio Spurs

Dec 11 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Dec 19 – Memphis Grizzlies

Dec 23 – Houston Rockets

Dec 26 – Memphis Grizzlies

Dec 28 – Utah Jazz

Dec 31 – Los Angeles Lakers

Jan 2- Brooklyn Nets

Jan 5 – Los Angeles Clippers

Jan 17 – Charlotte Hornets

Jan 19 – Phoenix Suns

Jan 23 – Utah Jazz

Jan 26 – OKC Thunder

Feb 5 – Toronto Raptors

Feb 14 – Washington Wizards

Feb 22 – Houston Rockets

Feb 23 – Miami Heat

Feb 25 – Chicago Bulls

Mar 1 – Indiana Pacers

Mar 13 – Cleveland Cavaliers

Mar 15 – Los Angeles Clippers

Mar 16 – Portland Trail Blazers

Mar 26 – OKC Thunder

Mar 28 – Milwaukee Bucks

Mar 30 – Boston Celtics

Apr 1 – Phoenix Suns

Apr 3 – Orlando Magic

Apr 5 – San Antonio Spurs

Apr 14 – Los Angeles Lakers

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