New York Yankees Season Preview and Tickets

The New York Yankees won the AL East in 2022 and fell a frustrating one game short of 100 wins. Their 99-63 record saw them finish seven games clear of the Toronto Blue Jays – who had an impressive 92 wins – and 13 games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays. Perhaps most gratifying for Yankees’ fans, however, was that their 99 wins were a massive 21 wins ahead of the basement-dwelling Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees aim to repeat as AL East champs begins at home with a three-game series against the San Francisco Giants. The first game of that series is on Thursday, March 30, with Yankee Stadium, also playing host to series against the Philadelphia Phillies, Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Angels, and Toronto Blue Jays over the first month of the season.

Here are three questions for the Yankees ahead of the 2023 season.

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Three Key Questions

How far does Aaron Judge regress?

It is almost impossible for Judge not to regress in certain parts of his game in 2023. A year after being the talk of the league – TV networks would break into games from other sports for his at-bats – Judge now holds the American League record with 62 home runs in a single season. It is unrealistic to expect that again, even with the Yankees firing a $360 million contract at the outfielder. Hitting 50 homers would be more than impressive under normal circumstances, but Judge destroyed his sense of normalcy in 2022. His level of regression is the biggest key in the Yankees winning the AL East again.

Does Carlos Rodon stay healthy?

The Yankees’ biggest offseason move – outside of locking up judge – was the $162 million over six years spent on left-handed pitcher Carlos Rodon. Rodon won double-digit games for the White Sox in 2021 and the Giants in 2022, but before that, he had struggled to stay healthy. Changes in his pitching technique have been key to his run of health. Still, if the injury bug bites back, the Yankees will be an arm short in the rotation and won’t have the dominant one-two punch of Rodon and Gerrit Cole that they so desperately need to take another shot at the Astros in the postseason.

Is there support for Judge?

Assuming that Judge plays at any sort of level compared to last season, the question then becomes if there is any help elsewhere in the batting lineup. Consider this breakdown of the Yankees’ batting post-All-Star Break in 2022.

  • Judge – .349/.502/.785
  • Everyone Else – .223/.292/.360

That is a pretty disastrous line and not what you would expect from a team almost at 100 wins. The Yankees didn’t bring in any major bats this offseason so they will rely on rebound years from a few aging veterans and a new pop of life from their top prospects. This lineup won’t be good enough behind Judge if it doesn’t happen.

Upcoming Yankees Home Games (Before the All-Star Break)

Thu, March 30 – San Francisco Giants

Sat, April 1 – San Francisco Giants

Sun, April 2 – San Francisco Giants

Mon, April 3 – Philadelphia Phillies

Tue, April 4 – Philadelphia Phillies

Wed, April 5 – Philadelphia Phillies

Thu, April 13 – Minnesota Twins

Fri, April 14 – Minnesota Twins

Sat, April 15 – Minnesota Twins

Sun, April 16 – Minnesota Twins

Tue, April 18- Los Angeles Angels

Wed, April 19 – Los Angeles Angels

Thu, April 20 – Los Angeles Angels

Fri, April 21 – Toronto Blue Jays

Sat, April 22 – Toronto Blue Jays

Sun, April 23 – Toronto Blue Jays

Mon, May 1 – Cleveland Guardians

Tue, May 2 – Cleveland Guardians

Wed, May 3 – Cleveland Guardians

Mon, May 8 – Oakland Athletics

Tue, May 9 – Oakland Athletics

Wed, May 10 – Oakland Athletics

Thu, May 11 – Tampa Bay Rays

Fri, May 12 – Tampa Bay Rays

Sat, May 13 – Tampa Bay Rays

Sun, May 14 – Tampa Bay Rays

Tue, May 23 – Baltimore Orioles

Wed, May 24 – Baltimore Orioles

Thu, May 25 – Baltimore Orioles

Fri, May 26 – San Diego Padres

Sat, May 27 – San Diego Padres

Sun, May 28 – San Diego Padres

Tue, June 6 – Chicago White Sox

Wed, June 7 – Chicago White Sox

Thu, June 8 – Chicago White Sox

Fri, June 9 – Boston Red Sox

Sat, June 10 – Boston Red Sox

Sun, June 11 – Boston Red Sox

Tue, June 20 – Seattle Mariners

Wed, June 21 – Seattle Mariners

Thu, June 22 – Seattle Mariners

Fri, June 23 – Texas Rangers

Sat, June 24 – Texas Rangers

Sun, June 25 – Texas Rangers

Mon, July 3 – Baltimore Orioles

Tue, July 4 – Baltimore Orioles

Wed, July 5 – Baltimore Orioles

Thu, July 6 – Baltimore Orioles

Fri, July 7 – Chicago Cubs

Sat, July 8 – Chicago Cubs

Sun, July 9 – Chicago Cubs

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