Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets & Burning Question

The 2022 season was yet another where the Pittsburgh Steelers under Mike Tomlin finished with a winning record. Unfortunately for the Steelers, the strength of the AFC North meant that their 9-8 record was good for just third in the division, and the Steelers missed the playoffs. There is no reason to think that the Cincinnati Bengals or Baltimore Ravens will be worse in 2023 while the Cleveland Browns continue to improve, making this one of the toughest divisions to win in the league.

The Steelers start the 2023 season at home with a clash against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, September 10. The Steelers are one of the best-supported teams in the league – home and road – so it is no surprise that tickets are selling for over $300 on Immortal Seats. Tickets for the divisional clash against the Ravens on October 8 are selling for a minimum of $200. Still, the contest against Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday, December 23, is much cheaper (under $150), with the game being so close to Christmas.

Check out the Pittsburgh Steelers’ full home schedule at the end of this post.

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Can Mike Tomlin inspire another big season?

The Steelers had no right to finish 2022 with a winning season. They were 2-6 heading into their bye with a rookie quarterback – and not an elite prospect – having taken over at the position from a Hall of Famer in waiting in Ben Roethlisberger. Tomlin, however, doesn’t know how to lose. He famously has never had a losing record over an NFL season, an astonishing achievement given the league’s parity.

Everyone has bad seasons, but Tomlin doesn’t let them happen in Pittsburgh. He managed to whip Kenny Pickett into shape, and the Steelers got hot. They won four in a row to end the season and keep Tomlin’s streak alive, going 7-2 in total to end the year. Pickett still needs to be better, but their draft and free agency work means this franchise is in a better spot in 20223 than entering 2022. They have Tomlin in charge, which could lead to a playoff spot.

2023 Pittsburgh Steelers Home Games

Sept 10 – San Francisco 49ers

Sept 18 – Cleveland Browns

Oct 8 – Baltimore Ravens

Oct 29 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Nov 2 – Tennessee Titans

Nov 12 – Green Bay Packers

Dec 3 – Arizona Cardinals

Dec 7 – New England Patriots

Dec 23 – Cincinnati Bengals

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