Power Trip Tickets & Info

Seriously, take another look at that lineup and go on and buy your cheap power trip 2023 tickets already.

  • Guns N’ Roses
  • Iron Maiden
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • AC/DC
  • Metallica
  • Tool

Crazy. The Empire Polo Field in Indio, CAthe site of Coachella, no less – is going the be THE place to be from Friday, October 6 to Sunday, October 8 this year.

Rock and metalheads have been dreaming about the Power Trip three-day festival in 2023 since before it was even announced. In a lineup of huge names, AC/DC is the one that stands out. The rest of the bands tour frequently enough to be seen, but the Aussie rockers haven’t been on the road – aside from a couple of random dates – since their “Rock or Bust” tour in 2015/16.

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This is the sequel to 2016s “Desert Trip,” so ignore the fact that the festival shares a name with a thrash metal outfit from North Texas. This event has a much harder edge, however, with the original featuring the likes of Paul McCartney, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan as more of a classic rock/folk rock outing.

These are the types of events that bands like Ozzy and AC/DC are likely to target in the future. Massive names for one or two dates that don’t require massive travel and arduous days on the road. Get your tickets for this one. It will be epic.

The 2023 Power Trip Festival Lineup

Friday, October 6 – Guns N’ Roses & Iron Maiden

Saturday, October 7 – AC?DC & Ozzy Osbourne

Sunday, October 8 – Metallica & Tool

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