Ticket Prices Show The NFL Remains America’s No. 1 Sport

All that noise that fans will turn away from the NFL because of rule changes and off-field issues can go away now. Secondary market ticket prices are up across the league for 2023, showing that, once again, the NFL can ride any issues in its quest to remain the #1 sport in the U.S.

Only four teams have seen resale ticket prices drop on Immortal Srats compared to their 2022 resale value. The San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals are two of them, with both teams seeing their 2022 prices inflated due to success and late season runs to the playoffs. If you are a 49ers or Bengals fan – teams expected to be competitive again in 2023 – then I would advise getting tickets (especially late-season tickets) now, as those prices will only go up.

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The other two teams to see their ticket prices drop are the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angles Rams. The Rams came to earth with a thud in 2022, entering the season with hopes of retaining their Super Bowl trophy but finishing a miserable 5-12. To put it politely, the Cardinals are a little bit of a dumpster fire with questions over the durability of quarterback Kyler Murray and a whole new coaching staff in place. These teams have cheap tickets because they are expected to suck. Overall, it isn’t a good look for the NFL West with three of the four ‘falling’ teams in that division.

The rest of the league is strong. With just eight (or nine) home games per team, the NFL has nailed the supply/demand model. Every team enters training camp thinking they have a legit shot at the playoffs, so every ticket sells well for the first couple of months of the season. As always, Immortal Seats is your best bet for getting NFL tickets at a reasonable price in 2023.

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