We Still Have Tickets Available For The Most Expensive Super Bowl Ever!

Super Bowl LVIII is just under one week away, and it looks certain that tickets for the game will be the most expensive in history. The clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers at Allegient Stadium in Las Vegas is a rematch of the Super Bowl from four years ago, but to afford tickets to the big game, you might have to first hit the jackpot at one of Las Vegas’s famed casinos.

Get Your Super Bowl Tickets Today!

Tickets at Immortal Seats START at just over $8,500. That is the going rate for a Super Bowl that is – on average – 93% more expensive in ticket resale than Super Bowl LVII in Arizona last year. The most expensive tickets available are Club Level in the 100s section. They have a range that goes from around $9,000 to an insane $57,000. Wild.

Some are baling the ticket surge on Taylor Swift and her presence at Chiefs’ games since she started dating Travis Kelce. While this might be a factor, it is far from the only point moving the needle.

The two Detroit Lions playoff games – games Swift was nowhere near – set records as the most expensive Wild Card and Divisional Round games in NFL history. The brand is the driving force behind the price, and the NFL continues gaining popularity worldwide.

The other huge factor is Las Vegas as the host. This is the first Super Bowl ever to be played in Sin City, a place where there is an unlimited sea of things to do. The debut Formula 1 race in Las Vegas in 2023 was immediately the hottest – and most expensive – race on the calendar, so no one should be shocked by the Super Bowl pricing in 2024.

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