WrestleMania 39 Thoughts & Tickets

WrestleMania 39 is now only a month away. WWE is once again running ‘Mania as a two-night show in 2023, with SoFi Stadium in Inglewood (Los Angeles), California hosting the Grandaddy of Them All on Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2. Much of the card has still to form, but with a month to go, let us have a look at some of the things we can expect from WWE’s showpiece event.

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Seth Rollins and Logan Paul Will Steal The Show

There will be matches with more drama. There will be matches with more technical wrestling. There will not be a better show-stealing match than Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins taking on Logan Paul.

Paul has already proven his worth to the company many times over. He owns the best Buckshot Lariat in the business and the way he has taken to wrestling is freakish. Sure, it helps that he has the size and look of a WWE star, but looking the part and having the athletic ability (and timing) to come off as a legit wrestler are two different things. Putting Paul in the ring with Seth – one of the elite workers in the business – is going to create magic. I already feel sorry for whoever follows them on the card.

Brock Will Get A Nice Payday

Brock Lesnar should be facing Gunther at ‘Mania. Instead, Brock will be facing Omos. This is clearly a much worse match, but for Brock, it means throwing around a giant for three minutes in a squash as opposed to working 15 minutes with the Ring General. Gunther would pull a classic out of Lesnar. a motivated Brock is still an outstanding worker, we just haven’t seen it in years as his matches have fallen into a power spot/massive move routine. It would be cool to see Lesnar take on the Intercontinental Champion in a different style of match, but it seems like that is not destined to be the case.

At least we will get the cool visual of Omos being powered up for an F5.

Roman Retains the Title

WWE wants Roman Reigns to hit the 1,000 mark as WWE Universal Champion. This is a company that loves records and numbers, and as ‘Mania is before that 1,000 mark, Cody is not winning the title here.

That isn’t to say Cody doesn’t win it eventually. I can see Cody winning, but winning by DQ or something similar to set up an eventual rematch where Rhodes does take the gold. Part of this thinking is because the original opponent for ROman here was set to be The Rock. This made sense with The Bloodline story, but The Rock was never going to win the belt with his Hollywood commitments. If the first-choice opponent wasn’t going to win, then it seems highly unlikely the company would put the strap on the second-choice option this close to that historic number they want Roman to attain.

Cody’s time will come, but ti won’t be until SummerSlam.

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